MANDALA CIRCLES: A Parent-Child activity

The word mandala comes from the Sanskrit and means a wheel or circle. Often as not, are located within those circles, still other circles or diagrams. Nature already shows us numerous examples.

Especially on holidays it is a wonderful and relaxing activity to indulge in the design of a mandala and coloring it - the possibilities are endless.

Once a week, you can give your own imagination free rein by drawing your own mandala and applying its colors. And if your imagination is at a low tide, you can also choose among many existing mandalas to colour. All this with the precious help of Jeske, a professional, trilingual artist who comes to help us twice a week. Once for the mandalas, the other time for painting on canvas.

Suitable for everyone from very young (>4 years, otherwise accompanied) to very old, with a minimum of 5 participants. Cost 10 euros per person, including materials.

PAINTING : A Parent-Child activity

Painting on a piece of paper is easy, but painting on canvas is a challenge.

Every week we have a special subject, like Aboriginal drawing, fantasy animals, sunflowers etc.

Jeske is a professional, trilingual artist, and excellent in gently guiding the creation of your work. This is an activity not only for born artists but more so for those who would like to explore further how they can be more creative. With Jeske's professional help you will be amazed at the result ! Obviously, afterwards, you take your artwork home with you.

Once a week, for the little ones (>4 years, otherwise accompanied), adults and not so young ones. Alone or with your child, or your father or mother, or anyone else. For two hours, being creative with canvas and acrylic paint.

Cost 16 euros per person, including materials. Minimum of 4 participants.